Thursday, July 9, 2009

Midnight in 411

Whenever I can, I try to post a link to some free on-line fiction. This is to spread awareness of some good authors you may not be acquainted with as of yet, and also because I figure many of you are cheap by nature like I am, and need something on the computer to pass the time while you’re pretending to work. There’s only so much freecell you can do before going mad.

So here’s a nice eerie story from Matt Cowan, entitled Midnight in 411. Enjoy it, and while you’re there check out some of Matt’s articles at the Vintage Horror website. Matt does a great job hi-lighting some authors from the past (and present) that may have been overlooked by today’s readers.


Matt Cowan said...

Hey Kent,
Thanks for posting this link to my story. I hope people like it.


KentAllard said...

No need to thank me. I'm sure they will.