Friday, July 31, 2009

Jack Brooks, Monster Slayer

Here’s a little advice for you aspiring filmmakers: If you are making a horror comedy, at the very least it should be either funny or a horror movie. I realize this is an artistic choice, and the advice represents only my opinion, but I think it is worth considering. With that in mind, let’s consider the opposing view, as evidenced by Jack Brooks, Monster Slayer.

When Jack Brooks, a plumber with anger management issues, was a small boy, he watched his entire family get killed by a monster while on a camping trip. We all hate when that happens, and it explains why he is angry and bitter. Still he is a functional person, plumbing away while taking a class at the university. His only professor is played by Robert Englund, the bright point of the movie. He spends most of his non-class time getting angry at his therapist. The movie drags a little here, as nothing much happens for the first hour of the 85 minute movie except Jack proving what a dick he is. The professor does get infected with something from a box he dug up, and is slowly turning monstrous.

The last 20 minutes turn moderately action-packed, with Brooks realizing his true calling is to be a monster slayer (they have a good 401(k)), and Englund turning into something that looks a lot like H.R. Pufnstuf. But most of the jokes fall flat, and the action is quite lame. Inexplicably, there is a sequel planned for next year.

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