Wednesday, July 8, 2009

I Get Letters (No Kidding)

Someone e-mailed me a question about the organization of my sidebar, so I thought I’d answer it here. As you can see, my “links” are divided into three categories: General Horror Links, Horror Writers, and Other Blogs of Note. Setting aside the clumsiness of this, the e-mailer pointed out that several of those listed under Other Blogs of Note (actually a majority, but who is counting) are themselves writers. Am I making a distinction between writers I think are good and those I don’t? No, absolutely not. The major reason I did it like that was being in a hurry to throw the site up, and then being too lazy to go back and fix it. I work for the government, after all, and it is tiring organizing the big Friday bonfires where we burn the leftover tax money for the week.

I’ve had a chance to at least glimpse at work by John Hornor Jacobs, Kent Gowran, C. Michael Cook, Erik Williams, Mark Justice, and Erik Smetana, and I can tell you they are writers to keep an eye on. Some very talented folks with as yet just a few publications under their belt, this is a group from which some of your favorite will come from in the years ahead. When it happens, remember I told you so. I still won’t have gotten around to fixing the site.

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