Monday, July 20, 2009

House On The Borderlands May Be Adapted For Film

According to Bloody Disgusting (I get e-mail telling me the title of this blog is tasteless. I wonder what they get?) Stuart Gordon (Re-Animator, Dagon) is looking at William Hope Hodgson’s The House On The Borderlands as his next movie project. The House on the Borderlands is a classic, but one not many people have read, so here’s hoping it makes it to the screen.


The Doctor said...

One of my all-time favourites.

Gordon's a good choice for bringing it to the screen. Movies like The Beyond show that he's capable of bringing the more surreal parts out. Here's hoping that he has a reasonably independent reign on its direction, and that we don't get a modern "reinterpretation" (i.e. HotB in name only).

KentAllard said...

I always thought it would be hard to film, but I think Gordon's track record is good. I agree, hopefully it won't be "modernized" beyond recognition.