Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Dig Me No Grave

Reading Steven Shrewsbury’s book Tormentor naturally got me to thinking about Robert E. Howard. My first exposure to Howard was not through his Conan stories, but rather through a comic book adaptation of his horror story “Dig Me No Grave” (I was creepy as a child, too), in the relaunched book Journey Into Mystery. I was delighted to find the story, adapted by Roy Thomas, Gil Kane and Tom Palmer, can be read online at the website The Horrors of It All. Click here to read it, and imagine yourself reading it as a pre-teen on a dark, rainy night and you’ll get my experience. I don’t recall anything about the two other stories in that comic book, but “Dig Me No Grave” has stuck with me ever since. Check out the rest of the website while you’re there, there’s lots of cool stuff.


John Hornor said...

I see the blogging pendulum has swung back to the "frantic" position.

KentAllard said...

I started feeling sorry for all the people who depend on my high-quantity, low-quality posts to get through the day. Plus the biggest deadline of the year at the job was last week, so no more 70 hour weeks for a while.