Thursday, September 3, 2009

Eye Of The Guardian

This is a chapbook from 2005 by the never-disappointing Ray Garton (Live Girls, The Folks). In it, the protagonist, Nathan Fiske, leads a quiet life until his young daughter gives him an amulet from a yard sale to wear for protection. Unfortunately for Nathan, the amulet allows him to see what the rest of us cannot: that our world is under constant assault by Lovecraftian creatures, looking to break through to ravage our world. Only our cats, keep them at bay, as they can see the creatures, and their fangs and claws are poisonous to them. You know those occasions when your cat suddenly runs from the room? It’s really leaping into battle to defend your house from a multi-tentacled monster. Again unfortunately for poor Nathan, now that he can see the creatures, they now know he can see them.

As always, Garton does a fine job with the material, and, while you are left with a feeling that you wished there was more of the story (it is a novella), I found Eye of the Guardian very entertaining. However, although I enjoyed the interior illustrations, I thought the cover by the same artist was lacking. You can judge that for yourself with the accompanying photograph.

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