Friday, September 18, 2009

The New Name In Horror: Clint Eastwood

According to EmpireOnline, Clint Eastwood's next directorial effort will head into supernatural territory. His next film will be The Hereafter, which will star Matt Damon and is described as a "supernatural thriller." This isn't really new territory for Eastwood, as his movies Pale Rider and High Plains Drifter had touches of the supernatural, and his first directed movie, Play Misty For Me, is an underrated thriller that was way ahead of it's time (in my opinion, much better than the more famous Fatal Attraction).

Eastwood's acting has overshadowed his work as a director, but if he had only produced what he did behind the camera, he'd be known as one of the greatest directors, so I'll be interested to see what he does with this.

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