Thursday, September 10, 2009

30 Days of Night Sequel

Not everyone liked the vampires in the Arctic flick 30 Days of Night, but I did, so I was happy to see the sequel has been given the go-ahead, according to Bloody Disgusting. It will apparently be direct to DVD, and follow Melissa George’s character as she goes to Los Angeles to join a group of vampire hunters to get revenge on the vamps who iced her husband. I guess they’ll have to name it Sucking in the SoCal Sun, or something else more appropriate to the new location. Unfortunately, Ms. George’s role will be recast, which is regrettable, since using the same cast members when possible helps create a sense of continuity between films.


Rabid Fox said...

I thought "30 Days" was one of the more refreshing horror adaptations of recent years. And I'm not even close to a Josh Hartnett fan. I'll keep my fingers crossed on the sequel.

I must read the graphic novels some time, if I get a chance.

KentAllard said...

I thought the first one was pretty good, but readers have been fairly divided. I know some who love the art but hate the writing, others who hate the art, love the writing.