Friday, February 13, 2009

Demon Eyes

Reprinted from elsewhere, written prior to my reading Black Cathedral:

Demon Eyes is the story of a young woman working for a large English firm. Her lover dies under mysterious circumstances just as she is offered a promotion to personal assistant to the firm’s president. Her first assignment is to attend a meeting of the firm’s higher officers and other powerful business partners around the world. The bulk of the book occurs at the business meeting at a secluded country estate. There she finds that things (and the participants at the meeting) are not what they seem.

The story was exciting, interesting and fast-paced. For some reason, it reminded me in tone of Douglas Preston and Lincoln Childs’ series about Agent Pendergrass, and that’s a good thing. Once I started it, I finished fairly quickly, always the sign of a good book.

There were a few small things that threw me. The leader of the creatures states the purpose behind his plan is to make the grandchildren of the creatures stronger, yet I was sure it was established earlier in the story they couldn’t breed, and reproduced more in the manner of vampires, by turning humans. Also, the creatures, once exposed, seem awfully easy to kill, for near immortal, powerful beings.

Still I would recommend Demon Eyes, and I look forward to the next Maynard-Sims collaboration.

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