Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Among The Missing

If you have ever read anything on my site, you know I am a huge fan of the late Richard Laymon, one of the great underappreciated writers. Fortunately for me, Laymon was quite prolific, and there are a number of his books I missed, which I am now able to read for the first time. The most recent of these is Among The Missing.

This is one of Laymon’s more crime-oriented novels. There are no supernatural elements involved in the plot, although it is filled with trademark Laymon sex and violence.

Bass and his girlfriend Faye go canoeing. As they are walking to the river, they happen upon a naked man and woman lying on a blanket. Although they try not to disturb them, the man wakes up, runs to the river, and swims to the other side. With the woman’s head. This begins a fast-moving story which sees the local Sheriff and his deputy/daughter-in-law attempt to solve the murder. All evidence points to Merton, a drug dealer who gets off on raping young boys, but there are characteristic Laymon twists in the plot. There are a couple of small plot holes, but you probably won’t notice them until after the fact. As with everything Laymon writes, this is recommended.

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