Thursday, January 29, 2009

Night Junkies

Vampires are the most widely-used staple of horror movies, so there is pressure on filmmakers to find an original twist on the theme. This is a good idea if you are truly original, a bad one if you’re the folks who made Night Junkies.

Set in London, it follows a vampire named Giles (first name not Rupert) who prowls the streets of London, killing hookers and feeding on them, which is difficult, since vampires in this universe don’t seem to have fangs. This doesn’t make Giles such a bad guy; instead he is a brooding misunderstood loner, following in the vein of Anne rice and a million others. He views his vampirism as an addiction, which gives him an excuse to spend a good deal of screentime wallowing in self-pity. His compassion is just for himself, not for anyone he kills.

Ruby is a stripper, working at a club run by a gangster. She’s the only stripper who won’t have sex for money, so she’s at odds with the boss. Ruby and Giles meet, fall in love, Giles infects Ruby, and they spend the rest of the movie trying to get Ruby out of the clutches of the gangsters and find a cure for their addiction. Another vampire shows up in what I guess is intended as a plot twist.

As a guy, I was helped through the early part of the film by the large amounts of nudity, but once everyone started keeping their clothes on, it was easier to grasp that nothing was happening other than a lot of moping, brooding, and half-assed philosophizing. A Red Bull was required to get through the second half of the film.

Unless you have a compulsion to see every vampire film ever made, you might want to skip this one.

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