Monday, January 19, 2009

Snazzing up the Place

Many, many thanks to my friend John Hornor Jacobs for designing a new logo for this site, and some new stuff for the sidebar as well. John is a gifted artist, while I am, well, something like a squirrel trying to teach itself HTML. I am very grateful.


Bryan Smith said...

That's a cool logo.

John Hornor Jacobs said...

I'm gonna tweak it a little and hit you with a new jpg.

I had a weathered background, but once it went on the grey background of your blog template, it muddied the colors and made everything a little fuzzy. So, tomorrow, I'll replace.

I've also got an idea for A Disordered Mind. A variation on the banner I did today, more horizontally aligned.

The Chop Shop Horror link needs to be scaled down, IMHO. Visually, it's got too much weight compared to everything else going on in your blog.