Thursday, August 20, 2009

The Beast House

I’m a fan of the late, great Richard Laymon , and I just finished (re-)reading The Beast House, the second in his Beast House chronicles and a sequel to The Cellar. In fact, The Beast House starts mere months after the conclusion of The Cellar.

If you liked the first part of the trilogy, you should like the second, since it is virtually a fleshed-out retelling of the same plot. This sounds like a denunciation, but Laymon’s directness of style and storytelling make this worth reading even if you’ve already read the first one. I won’t talk too much about the specifics of the story, since that would be a possible spoiler for those who haven’t read the first book. I will say you learn the fates of the surviving characters from the first book, and it all leads to a more final resolution, although I suppose not too final, since there is a third volume, The Midnight Tour. All are available from Leisure Books, and at your local reading emporium.

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