Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Population 436

Population 436 is a fairly decent little horror film even if it falls victim to being far too predictable. Steve Kady (Jeremy Sisto, an actor a like quite a bit, who has been in a number of horror movies of late, and the main reason I bought this DVD) is an employee of the United States Census Bureau sent to investigate the town of Rockwell Falls. It seems that the town has maintained a steady population of 436 (hence the title) since the beginning of census records, and Kady is supposed to find out why. The rest of the plot is copped directly from The Wicker Man, with the town being dominated by a numerology-based cult, which has determined the ideal population is 436. Kady realizes a step too late what is going on, and the last half of the movie involves his attempts to escape.

It comes off as something of a prolonged Twilight Zone episode, but the flick is competently done from a technical aspect, and the acting is good, with the most surprising example of this being a nice performance by the oft-maligned Fred Durst as Deputy Bobby. I liked it a lot more than I would have thought I would. Still, if you’ve ever seen or read anything like this, you can predict everything that will happen, right up to the ending.

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