Sunday, October 23, 2011

Fear & Undertaker's Moon

After much anticipation, the first two volumes in The Essential Ronald Kelly Collection are available from Thunderstorm Books. The series will feature all eight of Ron’s books published by Zebra in the early 90s, with beautiful covers by Alex McVey, and each will feature a new novella by Ron set in the world of that particular novel, as well as a “writing of” feature which will delve into the circumstances behind writing the book. The first two titles to be released are UNDERTAKER’S MOON and FEAR. I’ve read both in previous editions, and they are horror classics, with a lot of people considering FEAR to be the definitive Ronald Kelly novel.

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Peter Andrew Leonard said...

I would really love to get these. I just don't know if I can afford the steep price tag at this time (I believe they were going to be about 40 bucks each when the previous publisher was going to release them).

They look outstanding though and would make damn fine shelf pieces.