Thursday, October 27, 2011

A Crystal Skull For My Birthday

Sounds a little like the title of an old Gold Medal paperback, doesn't it?

So next Monday is my birthday. The fact that I was born on Halloween explains a lot, doesn’t it? So, I saw my Mom, and she gave me part of my birthday present:


That’s the 1.75 liter size of Crystal Head Vodka, and yes, it is a life size crystal skull. This is an incredibly cool present, although the thought of my mother, a teetotalling Southern Baptist, shopping for booze at the commissary gives me the giggles. Obviously, she went out of town to do it.


Andrew Leonard said...

I've been slowly drinking mine, though I only got the 750ml size. I guess you mom loves you more than my wife loves me. :(

KentAllard said...

In the way of Moms/wives everywhere.

I still haven't opened it.

Rabid Fox said...


And happy birthday, man.