Thursday, December 2, 2010

Southern Gods Sold To Nightshade

Due to extremely light posting of late (I basically took the month of November off from my blog. But now I’ve used up my blog vacation time up, and need to get back to earning big blog bucks. Weak joke completely run into the ground.) I was remiss in not noting one of the more significant events to occur in my circle of friends: the devilishly handsome John Hornor Jacobs sold his novel Southern Gods to Nightshade Books. Big congratulations to John and to his outstanding agent Stacia Decker. Nightshade is a prestigious publisher, and this is really big news, even if I am three weeks behind in saying so.

When this book becomes the success it so deserves to be, will anyone remember one of the earliest positive reviews of it? No, of course not. Prophets are without honor in their own time. Anyway, this is a book you are going to want to read. More details as they emerge.



John Hornor said...

Thanks, Joe. You're a good friend.

James said...

Looking forward to reading this, in a major way.