Friday, December 10, 2010

So, Ya Wanna Be In Pictures?

Well, you can be. Your name can be, anyway. Greg Bartlett has filmed an adaptation of the short story “Making Friends” by noted horror author Gary Raisor (Less Than Human, Obsessions). Filming is completed, but the filmmakers need to raise $600 by January 5th to finish it. To get the money they are soliciting donations, and donating brings you various goodies, including having your name in the credits. It’s certainly a lot easier than hanging out at Schwab’s drugstore day after day. Depending on the size of the donation, you can also receive a digital download of the film, a dvd, and/or a signed poster. You can view the trailer for the film here, and you can pledge a donation to the film here. I’m planning on doing it, and you might want to check it out, too.

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