Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Wag the Fox on Charles Beaumont

Friend and fellow blogger Rabid Fox, whose blog you should read regularly anyway, just did a nice piece called "My Five: Favorite Twilight Zone Episodes by Charles Beaumont". This is worth a look, because Beaumont, who wrote a number of classic short stories and 22 episodes for Twilight Zone, is one of the great more-or-less forgotten authors. Beaumont contracted what seemed to be early-onset Alzheimer's in his early thirties, and was dead at 37. There are a lot of great stories that didn't get written because of this. Read his collection The Howling Man, if you get a chance.


Rabid Fox said...

Thanks for the linkage. Sad fact that he didn't live to become as much an icon as Matheson in present-day eyes.

Also, I'm recruiting some bloggers and writers for guest posts for my Monster Movie Marathon. You mentioned you were looking forward to it, so would you be interested in offering a review of your favorite monster movie or a fave five list or something else dedicated to monsters?

KentAllard said...

That sounds like fun. I've got just the monster in mind, too.

Jason's Psyche said...

We did a documentary about Charles Beaumont. You can see details on IMDB or at our website:

KentAllard said...

That looks fascinating.