Friday, October 22, 2010

A Halloween Costume Suggestion

So, we’ve had our first anti-Halloween letter to the editor of our local newspaper (what’s left of The Huntsville Times). A writer named Vic Veritas (That doesn’t sound fake at all. Stan Lee would be proud) in the paper today decries the anti-Christian nature of the pagan holiday, and suggests children dress as saints instead of the various “Satanic” costumes they use. For anyone who is Catholic or has studied the lives of the Saints, the martyrdom of the various saints is some of the grisliest material you’d ever encounter. I suggest going as Saint Sebastian. Pictured at right is Vahan Bego’s painting of the event.* Kids, strip down to your underwear, attach some fake arrows and splash on some blood, and you’ve got the look.

Veritas isn’t real, of course. This letter has been popping up in newspapers everywhere, with the same name purporting to be a local. Here is a link to the letter in the Virgin Islands Daily News, and here it is in the Pasadena Star-News. The Huntsville Times is only up to October 4th with their on-line Letters to the Editor.

* The image of St. Sebastian pierced by the arrows is probably the most famous image of martyrdom, but did you know it isn’t how he died? Sebastian recovered from the arrows, and later died from being clubbed to death. That is more factual, less artistic.

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