Sunday, October 10, 2010

Matt Cowan's 10 Favorite Ramsey Campbell Short Stories

As you can tell if you read this blog, I like lists. I even like those that aren't my one, if they're by someone whose opinion I respect. Speaking of which, Matt Cowan, whose opinions are invaluable, especially on vintage horror, has put together a list of his ten favorite Ramsey Campbell short stories, which you can read at the Vintage Horror website. I'm also a fan of Mr. Campbell, and Mr. Cowan knows what he's talking about. I'd be hard pressed to argue with any of these selections. Check it out. Vintage Horror is also a dependably good website for those of you interested in good horror writing that predates the 21st century. Browse around it, and you might find quite a reading list for yourself.


John Hornor said...

Is there a definitive Ramsay Campbell short story collection? I'd like to check out some of these stories. They sound fantastic.

Matt Cowan said...

Hey John,
They are fantastic and there are a lot more that could easily have made that list. Most of the stories on it can be found in his collection ALONE WITH THE HORRORS (which has a total of 39 stories in it). The exceptptions were "Worse Than Bones" (which can be found in the anthologies BOUND FOR EVIL as well as THE MUSEUM OF HORRORS), and "The Inhabitant of the Lake" (from his collection COLD PRINT which collects his earlier Lovecraft inspired stories along with 14 others). He has several other collections out there as well.
Thanks for checking out the article.

KentAllard said...

What Matt said. One of my favorites of Campbell's work is THE HEIGHT OF THE SCREAM, although I'm not sure how easy that is to find. I have the collections put out by Arkham House, of which that is one.

John Hornor said...

I met him at Hypericon and have read some of his shorts, but these sounded so good, I needed to get my hands on them.

And so I have. I'm sitting in the library right now, looking at a copy of Alone with the Horrors and Strange Things and Stranger Places.

Thanks to both of you.