Wednesday, September 8, 2010

The Two Bear Mambo

The Two-Bear Mambo (the title refers to a scene in a nature documentary the characters in the book watch, where two bears have sex), the third Hap and Leonard novel, takes up a few months after the events of Mucho Mojo. As it opens, Leonard is again burning down the crackhouse next door, and Hap’s girlfriend, Florida, has left him for a friend on the police force. After the two are arrested for aggravated arson, Florida’s new beau tells them Florida has disappeared while researching an article in a small, ultra-racist town of Grovetown, and he will drop the charges if the two will go to Grovetown and find her. The duo reluctantly agree, and find greater problems than they could have imagined.

As always, no one equals Lansdale when it comes to blending genres, with hysterically funny dialogue mixing with chilling suspense. Grovetown is an example of a small, racist Southern town that I hope does not exist anymore (although I know it does). As usual with a Lansdale book, not for the easily offended, but great nonetheless.

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