Thursday, September 9, 2010

The Dark Tower: Movie Trilogy and TV Series

Universal has announced plans to bring Stephen King’s epic story The Dark Tower to the big (and small) screen. Ron Howard and his producing partner Brian Glazer, with screenwriter Akiva Goldsman, will use an unusual way of presenting the story, as a joint movie and TV series. Apparently, there will be three movies, and a TV series will run between the first and second (and possibly the second and third) to tell the full story. This is a very ambitious undertaking; I hope they can pull it off. You can get the full story at Deadline.


Peter said...

cool. that's going to be quite something if they make it work. i wonder would they use the same actors and such? that would only make sense. very different.

Rabid Fox said...

Holy sh-t. That could be awesome or awful. I'm on the fence because I love that series and would hate to see it sullied by a poor execution from Hollywood.

KentAllard said...

As to whether they would use the same actors, I believe the answer is yes, except for the obvious cases where they use a younger actor for the flashbacks to Roland as a boy.