Wednesday, May 19, 2010

It Must Be Nice to be Talented

My friend John Hornor Jacobs is shopping around his novel This Dark Earth to publishers. It's good, as you will learn one day (although Southern Gods is the novel that will knock your socks off), but that's not what I wanted to bring to your attention. John is also a graphic artist, and he has developed an interactive map for the novel. You can read his post here, or if you're lazy, click straight to the map here. This is all kinds of awesome.

Me, if I draw a stick figure, everyone asks "What is that supposed to be?"


John Hornor said...

Thanks, bro, I really appreciate this. I'm glad you like the map, but more importantly, I hope major publishers like the book. But out of thirteen submissions, I've already had three rejects...only ten more to go.

I am feeling like Southern Gods needs some attention, but if This Dark Earth doesn't get picked up, we'll move on to SG, I think. Maybe.

Shit, after three years of studying it, I still don't understand publishing.

Jim Mcleod said...

I for one am hope you get a contract, Joe as been fuelling my appetite for your novels for some time yet. He has been raving about the stuff he has read, and if there is one guys opinion I trust on novels is our good friend Mr Allard

Jim Mcleod said...
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John Hornor said...

Thanks, Jim! We're both hoping for the same thing then - I want you to be able to read it too.