Wednesday, April 22, 2009

The 10 Best Horror Novels of the 21st Century

A while back, I produced a list of the 10 Best Horror Novels of All Time. For reasons discussed in that post, more recent novels were not considered. So as to not neglect them, here is a supplemental list of the The 10 Best Horror Novels of the 21st Century. Some of these will probably make it to the all-time list when I’ve had a long time to ruminate on them, but for now they are here, without any real elaboration. As usual, this list changes from day to day, and has changed drastically since I first did one of these last year. And, of course, it really isn’t a list of the best, but a list of my favorites, but I have to use the more provocative title to get you to call me a “dipshit” in the comments. A note on dating: I did not use a precise date of January 1st, 2001 as the cutoff. I have kept a book published in 1999, but dropped one from 1993. It is more books I associate with the 21st century I guess. The list does not include collections or anthologies, nor does it include books I have read that haven’t been published (There are at least three contenders there.). I’m sure there are wonderful books I either haven’t read or have omitted by accident.

1. Dark Harvest, by Norman Partridge
2. The Freakshow, by Bryan Smith
3. Ghoul, by Brian Keene
4. This Is My Blood, by David Niall Wilson
5. Heart-Shaped Box, By Joe Hill
6. The Conqueror Worms, by Brian Keene
7. Scarecrow Gods, by Weston Ochse
8. Duma Key, by Stephen King
9. Soultaker, by Bryan Smith
10. The Folks, by Ray Garton


John Hornor said...

Having only read four of these books, I only agree with two. You can probably guess which ones.

But I praise you for going out on a limb here and taking a stand.

Craig Clarke said...

I have also read four of these and agree with two. And indeed, your bravery at defining the 21st century only partway into its first decade is commendable.

The Doctor said...

I've read three and agree with one.

Also: "You stupid dipshit!"

(had to be said ;))

KentAllard said...

I've read...wait, all of them.

A man can truly say he has friends when he measures the number of people who rush to call him a dipshit. :-)

Dreamworld Book Reviews said...

Interesting list! I added a few to my wish list. Haven't you read Graham Masterton? If you haven't, you're missing out! Start with Feast (AKA Ritual). It's seriously the most horrible, nastiest, disgusting horror novel I've ever read. You'll love it. The link to my review of Feast: