Thursday, March 5, 2009

Google Analytics

One of the coolest of the on-line time-wasters is Google Analytics. It lets you see how many visitors you have, where they are from, and how they got here. Loads of fun as you try to fill in the map of the United States to get a visitor from every state (Wyoming has always been the last to turn green for me on my various blogs. They hate me in Wyoming.), or to get one from every country on Earth (I’ll never get there due to my general unpopularity in central Africa). Maybe the most amusing is to check which search key words brought people to read your ravings. I happy to report that since I did the Friday the 13th films, every day at least one visitor has arrived here after searching for “Corey Feldman bald” or some variation thereof. This amuses me. On a less amusing note, I have found if you use the phrase “pre-teen” in any context, it drives traffic up, but not the kind you would want.

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