Friday, May 9, 2008

Welcome to Dead in the South

I’m told it’s important to have one of these posts that tell what the blog is about and why you’re doing it, so here it is. (Since the, er, mission statement comes first, when you have no readers, I assume no one actually reads it) I have been blogging for over a year (That’s about fifteen years in real world time) over at my website A Disordered Mind. I do this strictly for my own enjoyment, so the other blog has always been a hodge-podge of everything that interests me. A prime avocation of mine is horror, whether it be print or filmed, and many of my posts were about that, mixed in with more mundane, humor-oriented posts.

Then something unexpected happened: people were actually reading the blog. Oh, not in incredible numbers, but over the last six months, I’ve averaged about 150 unique users a day, which was at least 149 more than I expected. After this happened, I started getting comments on the content of the site. Those concerning the overall site devolved into two basic themes:

“I love your humorous stories! You’re as funny as my uncle Alvin who had to be committed. But I don’t like reading about books describing giant mutant snails eating Cleveland. Drop the horror stuff.”


“Dude, zombies! You rock! But, listen, nobody wants to read that shit about what happens when your dog eats a pack of gum. Stick to the gore, man.”

It was obvious I needed to split the content. Fortuitously, (I use big words to counteract the effect of writing about mutant snails) I received an invitation from Matt Staggs, Cthulhu bless him, to join in the blogging on his great site skullring. So I transferred my horror stuff over there, shocking and aweing his readers with the sheer quantity of dangling participles and unnecessary parenthetical statements in my posts. This went on well, until today, when Matt decided to pull the skullring plug.

So, I decided on putting my horror content on a new site. To spare further suspense, this is it. In the days to come, I will have ill-conceived reviews of books and DVDs, most of which will have some horror content. I will be re-posting my material from skullring (because such deathless prose must not be lost), so if you read the old site, some might seem familiar. Any horror-related news which comes to my attention will also be here. I also welcome any suggestions, either in the comments, or by e-mail to

So. Zombies!

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