Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Under The Dome: The Series

Stephen King’s novel Under the Dome will become a TV series for the Showtime cable network, according the Deadline Hollywood. This will be developed for television by Steven Spielberg’s Dreamworks production company, so look for an addition of a precocious tween boy with a distant father to the story. Hopefully it will do better than the ill-fated plans for The Dark Tower films and series.


Peter Andrew Leonard said...

Cool news. I think it could make a really good show for tv.

Really blows about THE DARK TOWER. I was really looking forward to that being made.

Fran Friel said...

Looking forward to this, Joe. Thanks for the news!

Hope you're having a great summer!

Best Always,

KentAllard said...

Hi Fran! This has mostly been a summer to forget, but it's almost over. Hope you are well, and maybe there will be a Hypericon again in our near future.