Friday, June 12, 2009

Good Sick News

According to reports, Ron Kelly’s super short story collection The Sick Stuff is now sold out in both paperback and hardcover editions. Many congratulations to Ron and to Thunderstorm Books for this. I have heard a lot of comments about The Sick Stuff in various venues, and they are all positive. People who have never read anything by Ron Kelly are raving about this. So if you didn’t follow my advice and order The Sick Stuff when it came out, you need to start scrounging dealers to find someone who might have an overlooked copy. And in the future remember this rule: I am always right.*

*Margin of error on this statement is +-50%.


Ronald Kelly said...

I've still got a few copies of THE SICK STUFF left over from Hypericon if anyone's interested. You can contact me through my website, And I'll be glad to sign it, too.

KentAllard said...

Anyone who doesn't already have a copy should take Ron up on that. Your regrets will be many if you don't.