Tuesday, June 3, 2008


(The following review is based on a pre-publication copy, and the final version may be drastically different.)

As I’ve mentioned before, one of the reasons I like one of my favorite writers, David Niall Wilson, is his ability to dramatically vary his subject matter and tone. This Is My Blood isn’t like Roll Them Bones, which isn’t like Ancient Eyes. Since a lot of authors basically re-write the same book over and over, I find this refreshing. (It is pure speculation on my part, but I wonder if that contributes to Wilson not yet being a household name? The marketing people are the ones who would like cookie-cutter product, because it’s easy to categorize and promote). His next novel to be published, Maelstrom, is another departure in his work.

Maelstrom reminded me a lot of old-school horror. A group of teens attend a concert by their favorite rock band (the titular Maelstrom). On the way home, they stop by a cemetery for a “ghost hunt” and accidentally witness a sinister, murderous rite. Nick, one of the boys, drops his knife (with the Maelstrom logo to identify it) at the site of a ritual murder. This makes him the chief suspect in the murder in the eyes of the cops, and a witness that needs to be eliminated by the cultists.

No matter what he writes, Wilson has a great mastery of language. His books are truly a pleasure to read, and he does a nice job of building suspense. I would recommend this book, and any of Wilson’s work, to anyone who likes to read. Although his work has been found mostly in the small press so far, here's hoping he will break through to much wider recognition.

Maelstrom is scheduled to be published June 15th, and can be pre-ordered by clicking on the photo. It features a beautiful cover by Alex McVey, and in an unusual promotion, anyone who pre-orders the book is entered in a contest to win a guitar – autographed by the band Maelstrom.

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