Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Stupid, Stupid

I’ve had to come to grips with being an addict. A week ago, I stopped taking a drug I’ve used recreationally for a long time. This was followed by days of alternate lethargy and twitchy energy, pounding headaches, an inability to concentrate, sleeplessness and a deep craving for the drug. My productivity plunged to historically low levels, and I was irritable even by my questionable standards. I was slow to acknowledge cause and effect, because I couldn’t believe I was hooked.
Yes, a week ago, for no apparent reason, I stopped drinking coffee. Apparently, a decades-long habit that has turned my blood jet black has a powerful hold on me. Good to know, I suppose.
This morning, I had four large cups of coffee within an hour of getting up. I feel so much better.
Happiness through chemicals.


John Hornor said...

Wow. I just stopped drinking coffee and sodas too, but so far it hasn't affected me as much.

Hope it gets better for you, Joe!

KentAllard said...

It is better. I've acknowledged and accepted caffeine as my master.

Rabid Fox said...

Oh man, don't I know.

I was going to take a crack at cutting back on the coffee, then the Roll Up The Rim To Win contest started at Time Hortons. Ugh. Maybe in April I'll cut back.

KentAllard said...

The only consolation i have is that it's a legal drug.

Peter Andrew Leonard said...

When I quit caffeine a few months ago I had muscle cramps and headaches. I couldn't sleep is was bad.

Ginger Nuts said...

Quit caffine? What are you some sort of idiot?

KentAllard said...

Yes, I am.