Wednesday, February 16, 2011

An Interview With T. M. Wright

As some of you noticed, there has been a hiatus in the interviews I’ve conducted in the We Interrupt This Author series. This has been a result of a slight reorganization at Cemetery Dance (for more, see here). The series is now resuming, and Cemetery dance will be placing them on the Horror World website. I’m pretty stoked about this, as I’m a fan of Horror World. I look forward to taking orders from Nanci Kalanta.

The first of my interviews to go live(-ish) there is one I did with the great T.M. Wright back in the fall. Check it out by clicking here. T. M. Wright is one of those authors who, if you’re not reading his books, you should be.

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Rabid Fox said...

Haven't had opportunity to read Wright's work yet, but I'll eventually find one of his books. I hear Eyes of the Carp is really good.