Thursday, January 27, 2011

Darkeva's Blog

I’m always happy to recommend other horror-related blogs and websites, partly because people waiting on me to post new content can die of boredom. Today I’d like to recommend Darkeva’s Blog. Darkeva certainly has a better-designed site than I (although I can’t say that takes much), and seems to cover the gamut of horror fiction.

Darkeva also is Canadian, and one of the perplexing things is how many of the horror-related bloggers with whom I‘ve interacted hail from my country’s northern neighbor. Hopefully, these people will vouch for me when I seek political asylum there. ;-)


Rabid Fox said...

You're always welcome in the land of milk and honey ... and maple syrup.

Darkeva said...

Hey dude, thanks for pimping my blog :-D I'm going to post a review of Aaron Polson soon, and lots LOTS more horror goodies ;-)

Have a great weekend!

author Scott Nicholson said...

Darkeva runs a great blog!