Tuesday, September 9, 2008

The Devil's Den

At first glance, The Devil’s Den would seem to be a ripoff of the last third of From Dusk To Dawn, with a strip club populated by vampire strippers. That couldn’t be more wrong. In this one, the strippers are ghouls. Which is completely different. The movie stars the ever-annoying Devon Sawa, the better-than-the-material Ken Foree, and the eye candy Kelly Hu and Karen Maxwell. The plot, such as it is, involves two morons who go to a strip joint. The strippers are vampires ghouls, they start to eat people, the queen ghoul must be killed, etc., etc. What can you say? It is billed as a horror-comedy, although there is precious little of either.

Sawa gets on your nerves, Hu and Maxwell are cute, and Foree, excellent and underrated, must have been wondering if he really needed the money.

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