Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Predator Island

A group of completely unlikeable twenty-somethings are in a boat, for some reason or another. They engage in some stilted, poorly acted dialogue to show how little they think of each other. Suddenly, a cheesy-looking meteor flashes through the sky. Their boat loses power, and ultimately drifts toward a small island inhabited by a lighthouse keeper and his wife. But disaster lurks. The meteor has brought to earth stuntmen, wearing rubber suits, who begin to kill the obnoxious young people in order of their blandness. Well, sometimes they don’t kill them, they just look into their eyes, which causes the person to change into an alien. Or something. Unfortunately (SPOILER WARNING), not all the non-actors die.
This review should be considered flawed since I fell asleep for about fifteen minutes during the movie, although as far as I can tell, nothing happened while I was out. I also should make allowances for the filmmakers having no budget to work with. So, if this description appeals to you…what the hell is wrong with you?

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